Christian Counseling

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  Know what to do and feel better. So you can be happy. The Relationship Center is a special place. All counseling centers want to help people and most provide services from state licensed clinicians. What makes The Relationship Center special is the way we think about and approach counseling. It’s the “secret sauce” that […]

Marriage Counseling


Save Your Marriage from Communication Problems, Affairs, and Growing Apart. So you can be happy. A blissful fun marriage full of excitement and happiness is what every starry eyed young lover couple fantasizes about. Why is it that so many never find happily ever after? On the day we wed, my wife and I were […]

Porn & Sex Addiction Counseling


Stop using porn, distorting sex, and feeling ashamed. So you can be Happy.   Sex is supposed to be something beautiful. It is God’s idea intended to reveal His glory through the love of a husband and wife. It doesn’t always happen like that though does it? Sometimes it becomes very selfish, compulsive, and hurtful. Instead of […]

Family Counseling


Get the help you need to help your family, and not go crazy.  Raising kids is hard. It’s overwhelming at times for even the most prepared parents. Many of us, however, weren’t prepared very well at all. Our parents gave us a better picture of what not to do then what to do. And, those […]

Anxiety Counseling


Stop Your Anxiety so you can have peace, enjoy life, and be happy. Everybody experiences anxiety. Nobody likes it. For those who experience a lot of anxiety, it’s more than just uncomfortable, it’s debilitating. It makes everything else in life harder and at times it literally takes your breath away. Anxiety can be helped. If […]

Depression Counseling


You don’t have to stay depressed. I hate depression. In my years as a counselor I have worked with hundreds of people struggling with depression. Everyone having the life sucked out them. At best depression is incredibly irritating and diminishes quality of life. At worst depression is debilitating and  makes life so overwhelming the thought […]

Eating Disorder Counseling


Eating Disorders come in all different shapes and sizes. Figure out why you do what you do and learn how to be at peace with your body and food, so you can be happy. I just want to be “healthy.” I just can’t seem to stop. It’s not as bad as they think. If they […]